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Department of Electrical Technology

BGIFT Institute of Science & Technology (BIST)

Electrical Technology

Electrical Technology is the mother of all Industries. Electricity and power sector are very important in the formulation of Digital Bangladesh. At present, conversion into and application optimization of electric energy and electronics devices are the preconditions for any development of any nation. Industrializations and excessive use of electric energy run tools and technologies at every sphere of life overwhelmingly address the needs for specialized and instrumental knowledge on disciplinary, sub-disciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects of electrical technology to get the best out of these applications.  The department strives to produce professional person capable of meeting future challenges of production and application of electric energy and devices through offering ample opportunity of theory, laboratory and research based specialized learning in the areas of electrical, control, power and electronics engineering. Participants are given an opportunity to be trained and broaden their abilities to analyze and solve complex troubles and design new uses of technology to serve today’s civilization. This engineering program provides an integrated educational experience directed toward the development of the ability to apply pertinent knowledge to the identification and solution of practical problems in electrical engineering. This technology also insures that the design experience is developed and integrated throughout the curriculum in a sequential development leading to advanced work and includes both analytical and experimental studies.

Our technology students learn the latest technology, electrical transmission lines, and the latest technology in the field of electrical power shop and wiring shop. All industries have the focal point of electrical technology. Electricity-based industries are also being developed in our country. As a result, increasing the number of electrical engineers’ day by day. Their available job sectors are Power Development Board, Power Station, PGCB, REB, DPDC, WASA, Railway, Airport, EPZ, Mobile Phone Company, Radio-TV Station, Vocational School and Polytechnic Institutes.