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Department of Electronics Technology

BGIFT Institute of Science & Technology (BIST)

Electronics Technology

Electronics Technology is a growing industry that is expanding rapidly into many areas within telecommunications, biotechnology and automation. Industry and businesses rely on electronics technology for creating, manufacturing, and maintaining industrial machinery and processes. Companies can reduce costs and increase output by hiring electronics technology experts to implement robotics, automation, programming and analysis of manufacturing processes.

Today’s booming industrial sectors – telecommunications, medical equipment, control systems, automotive systems, navigational systems, and consumer appliances – all require trained electronics technology professionals to build, maintain, and repair technical infrastructures. As the mechanization of industrial processes continues to advance, businesses need qualified technicians familiar with electrical systems to grow. From circuits to microprocessors, soldering to controller programming, electronic technology graduates know how to build, maintain and innovate the devices that society relies upon such as mobile phones, home theaters, appliances, robotics, etc.

The Electronic Technology program prepares students for occupations as Electrical and Electronic Engineering Engineer, Electronics Engineering  Engineer, and related careers.

The Department of Electronics Technology is one of the Dynamic departments of BIST with an annual intake of 120 students. The main focus of the Electronics Department is on four major areas -Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Communication Technology. The department is committed to the study and analysis of fundamental as well as applied problems. Teachers and students of the department work in solving problems in the fields of conventional and latest technology.

After completion of the course our student are performing in the area of Production, Installation, Commission and Maintenance through the country as well as Worldwide.