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Department of Garments Design And Pattern making Technology

BGIFT Institute of Science & Technology (BIST)

Garments Design And Pattern making Technology

Garment design and pattern making is essentially a part of textile engineering, and hence its workplace is very extensive. Clothes are among the three basic needs of human being. It deals with the application of scientific and engineering principals to the design & control of all aspects of fiber, textile and apparel processes, products and machinery. There include natural and man-made materials, designs and cuts of the dresses, Safety & health, energy conservation and waste and pollution control. It is one of the most important parts of garment manufacturing industry

This very comprehensive course will give you a professional insight to all the different job roles and career opportunities that exist within the fashion industry. You will have the opportunity to learn not only the theoretical and practical skills required of a fashion design role, but also essential personal skills such as self-confidence, presentation, organization, the ability to work with others and an opportunity to discover and express your own creative identity.
In the Garments Industry of Bangladesh and Manufacturing Unit, there is a huge job area. There are many job opportunities in these categories as Designer, Assistant Cutting Officer, Sketching Assistant, Junior Designer. If you can gain proficiency in Marketing and Merchandising, then you have the job opportunities in the Fashion Department of Garments as Marketing Officer and Assistant Merchandising Control Manager. Manufacturing Department: Assistant Production Manager in different units of the manufacturing department, there is an unlimited opportunity to work. These units are -
- Pattern Grading 
- Spreading
- Marking to cutting
- Assembling
- Trainer for worker
Trainer for worker Fashion Coordinators: In this section, Assistant coordinators have been promoted to help the buyer and production manager. In the Government, semi-governmental and non-governmental Handloom / Textile manufacturing category, there is an inexhaustible job opportunity as an Assistant Manager.