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Department of Fashion Design & Technology (FDT)

BGIFT Institute of Science & Technology (BIST)


Fashion Design & Technology (FDT)

Fashion Design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. 72% of young people think that fashion is important, because it expresses their Personality. Fashion is the accepted day to day way of dressing at a given time. If you see everyone wearing the same color or style when they have not been the trend before, such is “in-fashion.” Fashion is the total outlook of an individual of today and only for today. Though fashion evolves and some styles come back, it only applies for “now”. Even the retro fashion is never the same.


  • Haute Couture – French word meaning high fashion. It means one of-a-kind. These include designers’ original designs or clothing that are custom made.
  • Ready to Wear (Pert-a-Porte) – Term used to describe mass produced garments. These include designers’ originals manufactured to a certain number for department stores and offered at lower prices.

To gain fashion related knowledge. Want to be familiar with the modern fashion technology & raise our culture, fashion and garments industry in the world market.